MDA: Fill the Boot Campaign


For over 65 years, the IAFF has been committed to supporting MDA and the families they serve.  Across the country Fill the Boot events have been postponed or cancelled for this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The inability of our affiliates and their departments to conduct traditional Fill the Boot drives has been devastating to MDA, which still must continue to provide vital services for families in need, especially in these uncertain times

The IAFF and MDA have partnered together and created a Virtual Fill the Boot campaign for all locals across the country to continue their support and help raise critical funds needed for our MDA families. The IAFF and MDA have made it simple for every state, local and member to not only raise money on all social media platforms but maintain the national and community goodwill associated with the Fill the program and our over 65-year partnership.

Our on the street Fill the Boot Event has been cancelled for September 17th and 18th due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we will be fundraising virtually this year. Our link will be up shortly. We have always done a great job with our fundraising efforts for MDA. In 2019 we helped raise over $17,000! Even though we have a fill the boot/special event scheduled this year we are asking all of you to participate in the Virtual Fill the Boot campaign that will launch in August. The future is uncertain and changes on a weekly basis and the Virtual Boot campaign gives us an opportunity to help our MDA community now, which is even more urgent than ever before.

In the last several years we have seen remarkable progress and our dedication and support remains consistent even in these challenging times. Even though the boot may look a little different now we can all work together and take action to continue our over 65-year partnership and commitment to MDA until a cure is found.

Take a moment and watch the video of Asher. Every dollar in the boot you all have helped raise has made this progress possible. You should all be very proud. Asher’s Story.

Thank you in advance for your dedication, commitment and generous donations over the years.

We are excited to see the joined efforts of all our Local 484 members